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If you are curious about working in traffic control, you are in the right place.

Traffic control professionals of all experience levels find Columbia Flagging Academy a valuable, ongoing resource for career development and continuing education.

New Flaggers

Your first step to a new career in traffic control flagging is taking a flagger class. Columbia Flagging Academy offers flagger training certification classes where you learn the information you need to pass the flagging certification test and become a certified traffic control flagger.

This certification is valid in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana so you can work in any of these states without needing another class. You are also encouraged to take a first aid class, and earn the ASHI First Aid, CPR, AED certificate.

Current Flaggers

We work with you to arrange a flagger recertification class that fits into your schedule. We know how busy you are and want to make sure you get recertified before your current card expires. Both Washington state and Oregon require certified flaggers to take a recertification course every three years before expiration of your current flagging card.

This gives you the opportunity to learn about new updates to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and state-specific relevent updates. You may also find it valuable to network with your fellow students. No two work zones or jobs are the same, and talking with other flaggers is a good way to share valuable information learned in the field and cultivate new professional relationships.

Our certifying agencies include: